Families caring for a loved one with special needs have enough to worry about in their everyday lives and they need to be in control of who supports them! We are here to help. We hire someone the family already knows and trusts, or we recruit someone for the family to interview, and then we take care of all the payroll wages, taxes, insurance, and employee withholding. After all…

Respite Should be Relaxing, Not Taxing!

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*** 2016 Timesheets are now available to download on our Forms Page ***

RAISES ARE HERE!   We will be raising our starting wage for our Respite Caregivers to $12 per hour as of Jan. 1, 2016! Foster/Kinship staff will continue at the $14/hr rate and our Enhanced Respite Caregivers will all receive a $0.50/hr increase with wages now $14-16/hr.

CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU! At our Dec.10th All Staff meeting, we celebrated 25 employees who had their 5year Anniversary with us in 2015, and 31 Respite Caregivers who have been with us for 10 years! Thank you all for your care and commitment :-) 

Caregiver Overtime

Families and Caregivers were mailed information on October 15th regarding important new changes taking place in the home care field regarding overtime and travel time. Please see our Caregiver page for more info and call our office with any questions you may have.

*New Timesheets and Travel Time Records can be found on our Forms page



At their national conference on July 10, 2015, Sharon was honored as the Autism Society Professional of the Year! Read more here or view her speech here.



Switching your respite to CISS is very easy and if you have a caregiver you’d like us to hire they will get paid MORE and may qualify for mileage reimbursement.
You can still request agency respite services if that will best meet your needs, and have the Fiscal Management Service (FMS) manage your daycare payments! Know your rights. Click here for more info from Disability Rights CA.Please give us a call and we will walk you through the process. You will still be in control of who provides your respite and when you get support. All of the required 1-time forms can be found on our Forms page, printed, completed, and faxed over to us. Within a week of receiving all completed forms, your caregiver will become employed by CISS and may be eligible for mileage reimbursement (which was not allowed under voucher respite). You will only have to sign their timesheet!

Whereas other agencies only pay $10/hr, CISS pays $12.00/hr PLUS mileage, our Enhanced Respite program staff earn $14-$16/hr (DOE) and our Foster and Kinship program staff are paid $14.00/hr. We also give merit increases after 2 years and 4 years with the company, offer 5yr and 10yr anniversary bonuses, and offer a 401K plan with matching! No other Respite organization does this!

Respite Comparisons between FMS and Agency Respite * Spanish Respite Comparison Grid




Mission Statement

Channel Islands Social Services (CISS) is dedicated to providing collaborative services and supports that are reflective of individual needs and strengthen families. We do this by providing quality in-home respite care to families throughout Ventura County.

CISS is a proud member of the California Respite Association, ARCH National Respite Network,
the National Family Caregiver Alliance, and the California Disability Services Association.

CISS is the only organization awarded Service Provider of the Year twice by the Autism Society Ventura County!