Channel Islands Social Services prides itself on collaborating with community partners and educating families about services that can support them. For a list of some of our community partners, use the drop-down menu on the Resources Page tab above.

Common Acronyms Used in the Regional Center System

Helpful Forms:

  • The Family Caregiver Budgeting Worksheet created by CISS has helped many families get a better picture of their expenses related to their child’s care. It can also be very helpful to prepare for tax season!


Helpful Websites for Families:


In-Home Support Services (IHSS)

For info on IHSS and how respite and IHSS are not the same service, see the drop-down menu on the Resources tab above or click here.


Other Resources:

ARCH National Respite Network Fact Sheet: Respite for Individuals with Autism

Recent Studies & Articles: Social Connections Decrease Blood Pressure of Parents Caring for Children with Special Needs