CISS has provided FREE respite care to Resource Families (licensed Foster Parents and Kinship Caregivers) in Ventura County since Oct. 2010. We also provide support through the Foster Peer Partner Educator (PPE) program. For more info on the PPE program, click the PPE link on the Services tab above.

To be eligible for the respite program, the foster parent must be licensed, live in Ventura County and have a current Ventura County placement. Eligible Kinship Caregivers care for a relative child (grandchild, niece/nephew)  through legal guardianship through the Ventura County courts. 

Families may self-refer to the program and can qualify for up to 12 hours/mo of free respite care, or an authorized amount decided by their Foster Family Agency.

Please call our office to request enrollment forms be emailed to you. Or you can bring each child’s placement agreement and a copy of your foster home license to our office and fill out the forms here with our assistance. All of our forms are found on our Forms page and can be faxed or emailed to us to help expedite the process.

*Visit our Forms page for the family and child enrollment application, or the PPE Program page for family resources.

**As a reminder, if you are receiving care in our program and need a referral to a CISS Caregiver, please call us.
We can refer more than one trained, screened caregiver to meet you, and then you call them directly to schedule your respite care needs.