CISS is now vendored with TCRC to provide Independent Living Services (ILS) throughout Ventura County!

**View our ILS Brochure**

ILS services may be provided up to 20 hours/month for qualifying adults served by TCRC. New regulations enable Independent Living Skills instruction to be provided to individuals who reside in their family’s home to help them attain greater independence. Additionally, ILS instruction prepares adults with developmental disabilities to move out on their own or with a roommate, and then ILS services continue to be provided for ongoing support. If the person requires more than 20 hours/mo of support, TCRC will refer them to one of our Supported Living partners.


For a referral to our ILS program, please contact your Service Coordinator and request a planning team meeting. Adults who are in high school or receive post-secondary educational services are not eligible to receive ILS services according to TCRC’s policies. 

The CISS ILS curriculum is uniquely designed for each person, in conjunction with their IPP goals, and may include or expand upon the topics below: 

ILS Curriculum Topics:

  1. Home and Community Safety
  2. Personal Hygiene and Attire
  3. Cleaning (Home, Laundry, Dishes)
  4. Health and Exercise
  5. Money Management
  6. Menu Planning and Nutrition
  7. Shopping in Natural Environments (meals, clothing, household goods, gifts for others…)
  8. Cooking and Meal Preparation
  9. Relationships and Social Skills (this is not a replacement for a Social Skills or ABA program)
  10. Public Transportation
  11. Independent Recreation
  12. Self-Advocacy Training and Staff Management
  13. Understanding and Accessing Community Resources
  14. Personal Goal Setting and Managing Daily Schedules
  15. Apartment and Roommate Searches

Optional ILS Components:

  1. Pet Care
  2. Soft Skills for Job Readiness / Volunteering
  3. College Planning
  4. Long-Term Relationship Management / Marriage
  5. Driving Preparation (no behind the wheel lessons in any vehicle)
  6. Parenting Skills
  7. Probationary Requirements