The following respite programs are funded by the regional center for children and adults who have developmental disabilities:

Regional Center Respite

Tri-Counties Regional Center and North Los Angeles Regional Centers contract with CISS to provide in-home respite care to families caring for a child or an adult relative with special needs (defined specifically as a developmental disability such as Autism, Down Syndrome, Intellectual Disability or Cerebral Palsy.)

Through the Individual Program Plan (IPP), Regional Centers authorize respite care to meet the needs of each family. Families are authorized between 8 and 40 hours/mo, typically, to meet their needs. If more respite care is needed, the family may request additional care through their Service Coordinator.

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Enhanced Respite
(aka Behavioral Respite)

Enhanced Respite FAQ 

Awarded through the 2008 RFP with Tri-Counties Regional Center, the Enhanced Respite Program was developed to meet the local respite needs of families who have children or young adult children experiencing challenging behaviors. The program provides Respite Caregivers who have experience implementing behavioral strategies. The goal of the Enhanced Respite program is to strengthen families and prevent out-of-home placements. To learn more, contact you regional center Service Coordinator or view the FAQ and give us a call.

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Regional Center Program Restrictions:

  • Respite Cannot Be Used for Camp Supervision or provided during ABA (funded by the Regional Center) when the parent should be present.
  • Family Cost Participation Program (FCPP – for Regional Center Families) – Also known as a “share of cost” or “parental co-pay”, the State enacted this new program in Jan. 2005 to reduce the respite hours of families who make over 400% of the minimum federal poverty level. If your child is on Medi-Cal, or is on the Medicaid Waiver program, your family is exempt from the annual FCPP assessment by the regional center.
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